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Fear Goidte
Pronounced like “Far Gotcha”. The splendid online isolation of me, James Ó Nuanáin, wherein I gather together any loose cleverness that I manage to accumulate. This site is, primarily an exegesis on how it was made. For the moment, it is mostly beak and bone with very little feather and fur.
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James Ó Nuanáin’s abridged and unauthorized autobiography

Allegedly, I was born in 1977 during my mother’s notorious blue period and like so many of my kind I was forced to leave school after passing exams. I have worked in the warm arts, cold outdoor labour, and tepid indoor typing.

For reasons of authenticity I have been free-range and corn-fed Hackney raised, matured in Barnet before being polished off in pubs and cheap bars, lightly smoked, and thoroughly salted with dry roasted peanuts and margarita glasses.

I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up and can’t decide whether or not this is my coffee, it doesn’t have honey in—I definitely asked for honey.

I live in London in the U.K. which, for the time being, is a north western province of the European Union.

My website Fear Goidte is primarily about itself though, occasionally, I cover other topics. As Socrates said to Tantek Çelik at a hackathon in Antwerp: “An unexamined website is not worth the renewal of the domain name”.

I have published three small collections of poetry available at Fairtheoir Thuaidh and all undiscriminating online ebook retailers.

Contact information


I can be contacted at

If you wish to send me encrypted e-mail, my public key is available on-line.

Online accounts

My inane witterings are available on Twitter where my Twitter user name is ‘feargoidte.

My feeble attempts at coding are shared on Github where my Github user name is similarly ‘FearGoidte.

I occasionally spend an hour proof-reading film subtitles and I upload them to Subscene where my Subscene account № is ‘998178.

My musical listening habits are exhaustively inventoried on where my account name is ‘Lo-fi_James. They can be furthered judged using My Music Habits.

Nuts & bolts

The website is currently generated by Middleman.

The Middleman files to build this repository are in the source branch of the repository on Github.

Copyright & permissions

There are seperate permissions for the code and for the content.


Unless otherwise indicated, you are free to use and adapt all code with (or without) attribution. Where derivative code has been used I have attempted to attribute it in the source and this colophon.


Excepting where otherwise indicated, all images, sounds, and words are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. A copy of this licence is also provided as a text file within this website’s root directory: (licence.txt).

S.V.G. icons

For the purposes of visual embellishment, I make use of several S.V.G. icons from Icomoon.

Your privacy

This site is served from GitHub Pages, so requests made to this site will terminate and be logged on GitHub’s servers (GitHub Privacy Policy).

The CloudFlare C.D.N. is used to enable T.L.S. and improve the site’s response times. Limited analytic data is kept by CloudFlare. CloudFlare also sets a `__cfduid` cookie for overriding I.P.-based security restrictions.

CloudFlare is also the ultimate D.N.S. resolver for ``. If D.N.S. logs are kept, they will also be subject to CloudFlare policies: