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Fear Goidte
Pronounced like “Far Gotcha”. The splendid online isolation of me, James Ó Nuanáin, wherein I gather together any loose cleverness that I manage to accumulate. This site is, primarily an exegesis on how it was made. For the moment, it is mostly beak and bone with very little feather and fur.
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BBEdit package for Middleman

A text editor and a static website generator collide

James Ó Nuanáin

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An assortment of clippings, scripts, and stationary for developing Middleman static websites using the BBEdit text editor.

I’m always guilty of underusing BBEdit and since it’s my text editor of choice and Middleman is my website development tool of choice I’ve made a modest effort to improve the way I use the two together.

I’ve put this package on GitHub (FearGoidte/Middleman.bbpackage) in the hope that it might prove of use to someone or even more than one. If you do find this useful, and you expand upon it, please create a fork and create a pull request if you want me to incorporate your improvements into my version.

This package is a work in progress, it includes a few useful clippings (more to come); scripts to launch the preview server and open the site in the default browser, build the site, and using middleman-deploy to deploy it to a server.