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Fear Goidte
Pronounced like “Far Gotcha”. The splendid online isolation of me, James Ó Nuanáin, wherein I gather together any loose cleverness that I manage to accumulate. This site is, primarily an exegesis on how it was made. For the moment, it is mostly beak and bone with very little feather and fur.
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Five most recent articles

In brief … abbreviations

The long way to saying something quickly

James Ó Nuanáin

How to use and abuse these linguist amputees.

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Previously known as ‘coming up next!’

James Ó Nuanáin

Sequentially linking web documents, a simple mark-up and styling example with some wooly logical thinking.

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The laziness of type

Test replacement in O.S.X.

James Ó Nuanáin

Using text replacement to create your own ‘house style’ and to add a little diversity to your graphemes.

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BBEdit package for Middleman

A text editor and a static website generator collide

James Ó Nuanáin

An assortment of clippings, scripts, and stationary for developing Middleman static websites using the BBEdit text editor.

Continue reading BBEdit package for Middleman (could take less than one minute).

Render unto me, a table of contents

Generating a table of contents in Middleman using embedded Ruby

James Ó Nuanáin

To have an automatically generated table of contents whilst using the Middleman static site generator with Embedded Ruby for templates/layouts and markdown for simple formatting, I have made some modifications to a vanilla install of Middleman.

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